Treasure Cay, Bahamas
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Treasure Cay, Bahamas
Treasure Cay, Bahamas

– FAQs –

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Q. How much should we expect to pay for transportation to and from the airport?

A. Taxi service is readily available from both Treasure Cay (7 miles) and Marsh Harbour (30 miles) Airports. Standard fares each way should cost $30.00 and $85.00 respectively.

Car Rentals*:

Located in Treasure Cay and our preferred vendors:

Ornald Cornish: 242-365-8623 (at Treasure Cay airport)

Jensen Edgecomb, Triple J: 242-365-8761 (at Treasure Cay Resort)


Companies Located in Marsh Harbour:

A & P: 242-367-2655

Bargain Car Rentals: 242-367-0500

Sea Star: 242-367-4887

Rental Wheels: 242-367-4643


* Cars rental is approximately $75 per day; Van or Large SUV is approximately $85 per day

** Please note there is a minimum drop off fee if not returning to the same airport. Please confirm this with your selected vendor.


Q. What is appropriate Bahamian tipping protocol?

A. You can tip depending on the quality of the service that you get. Bellboys and porters usually receive $1 per bag, while most other servers (waiters, taxis, etc.) receive 17%. Many establishments include the gratuity in their bills.

Q. What is the currency and exchange rate?

A. The legal tender is the Bahamian dollar (B$1), equivalent in value to the U.S. dollar. Both U.S. and Bahamian dollars are accepted interchangeably throughout the islands. There is a cash station within short walking distance of the resort.

Q. Are visitors free to drive?

A. Yes. Visitors are free to drive, however, British rules apply; meaning all vehicles adhere to the left lane. A driver who enters roundabout circle must give way to traffic coming from the right already on the roundabout. Visitors may use their home license for up to three months. They can also choose to apply for an international driver’s license. Pedestrians should remember to look right before crossing streets.

Q. What are standard electric outlets?

A. Electricity is normally 120 volts AC. American appliances are fully compatible.

Q. Does the resort have safes available?

A. Yes. Locked personal safes are available free of charge. They are located in a locked room in the front office and operate on a two key system.

Q. Does the property have internet?

A. Yes. In-room wired connections exist and there is wireless in the marina and at the Tipsy Seagull.

Treasure Cay, Bahamas Treasure Cay, Bahamas
Treasure Cay, Bahamas
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Treasure Cay, Bahamas