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Private Aircraft

Treasure Cay Intl. – MYAT 26.44′N 77.23′W
Runway – 14/32 6,900′x150′ Elevation 6′
2,500′ New Asphalt – Numbered & Overrun on Both EndsVOR 112.9D, ZTC
CTAF 122.8 (most local hotels)

Navigational Aids

Freeport VOR 113.2D, ZFP 081 Degrees radial 73nm
Nassau VOR 112.7D, ZQA 003 Degrees radial 102nm
Note: Rwy heading is not east/west, possible crosswinds.
FSS: 122.3/124.2

Landing Fees

$5 – $15 depending on plane size. Arrival report required.
Fuel: Yes
Repairs: Marsh Harbour Intl. (20 miles south)
Customs/Immigration: 7 days; Winter: 9:00am-5:30pm, Summer: 9:00am-7:00pm (242) 365-8602
Lights: Emergency and prior permission use only.
Parking/Tie-Down: Paved ramp SE. Cables, no ties.
Windsock: SE near ramp, lighted.
Information courtesy of: Bahamas & Caribbean Pilot’s Guide ( live link)
(800) 521-2120

Note: The above information is subject to change. Always check your aviation guides for completely accurate and up-to-date information. Treasure Cay Ltd. does not guarantee the accuracy of the above information, but believes it to be correct.

    • Pilot discounts not valid with any other offers and subject to availability.
    • Commercial & Private Air Providers.
    • Air Connections To Treasure Cay & March Harbour International Airports.
    • Daily connections from NE Florida, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Nassau.

    Getting to Treasure Cay Beach Marina & Golf Resort

    Both Treasure Cay Airport (TCB) and Marsh Harbour Airport (MHH) service Treasure Cay Beach Marina & Golf Resort guests. You may fly into either airport and then must rent car or take a taxi to the resort.

        • Please note there are no ferries from the US, Nassau or Grand Bahama to Treasure Cay.
        • Treasure Cay Hotel does not provide a shuttle to/from Abaco airports.

        Taxi Fares

        • Marsh Harbour airport is approximately 30 miles from the Resort. A taxi ride from Marsh Harbour airport to the hotel is $85 for two persons and takes about 40 minutes. Extra persons are $3 each.
        • Treasure Cay airport is approximately 7 miles from the Resort. A taxi ride from Treasure Cay airport to the hotel is $30 for two persons and takes about 15 minutes. Extra persons are $3 each.

        Preferred Taxi Partners

        Car Rentals*

        Located in Treasure Cay and our preferred vendors

          • Ornald Cornish: 242-365-8623 (at Treasure Cay airport)
          • Jensen Edgecomb, Triple J: 242-365-8761 (at Treasure Cay Beach Marina & Golf Resort)

          Companies Located in Marsh Harbour

          ** Please note there is a minimum drop off fee if not returning to the same airport. Please confirm this with your selected vendor.

          * Cars rental is approximately $75 per day; Van or Large SUV is approximately $85 per day